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      The Yoga of Vulnerability



"By speaking the truth under all circumstances, a state of integrity comes about naturally." ~ Sri Anandamayi Ma

The Yoga of Vulnerability exists for people who want to embody their true nature by exploring the power of vulnerability and honesty. 

Becoming deeply honest with yourself will allow you to discover your inherent divinity right where you stand, no matter what the circumstance might be.  This way of honesty, vulnerability and the willingness to be real with yourself and therefore your relationships may not always feel good, but there is no substitute for the depth of intimacy and connection that is experienced because of it.  With the full embrace of any uncomfortable or painful emotion lies great freedom, wisdom, creativity, aliveness and love.  

There is no end point to this way of honesty. There is only this moment and your unique, authentic expression of your essential nature. This is the main thing that gets deeply understood from working with me. 

I offer spiritual counseling, guidance and teaching. I provide a safe place for you to slow down and get deeply honest with yourself about who you really are, beyond all concepts of your mind.  My approach does not come from any method or philosophy, it is based on my lived experience and the continued embodiment of truth. 

We can work together through private one-on-one sessions (in person or through Skype/FaceTime), group sittings or workshop retreats‚Äč.